#002 – My destination is the Road.

February 17, 2011

Traveling through countries is tough. Not like years ago when there were no hostels and English speaking people everywhere. But because everything is explored already. No piece of land in the world is undiscovered. In the most rural places in the world you can find other travelers or tourist. That makes is tough to go out and explore and search for loneliness. I’m just 23 years old, married, traveling and learning. With my wife of course, she’s part of my life and travel. She’s the reason I’m here, the reason to go.

We met a lot of people which are flying from city to city, from country to country. Spend money, see some sights and go. It’s fine by me, but what is the point? Well, that’s my point of view. We, my wife and I, try to keep in mind that the journey is far more important than the destination. To meet local people is far more important than to meet other western tourist or travelers. We’ll never be a part of the places we go, but we can try to fit in as much as possible. So, were not a part of them, but we get the respect for trying. Which is enough for me. Were other travelers fill the pockets of the local people, we get the respect. Not that we are the only travelers traveling this way, but it’s a select group of people, who got the guts to explore. We bought a motorcycle in Hanoi, Vietnam, and try to ride it as long as possible through south east Asia. Not an uncommon thing to do for two young travelers in Vietnam. It’s popular, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be. We crossed the border into Cambodia. I’m thrilled by the long rust colored sand roads crossing a country as rural as you’ll hope to see one day. Children who will love your balloons you bought  for them. Amazing rivers and unexplored abandoned temples, warning signs of the Khmer rouge and scars in the country’s history.

My knowledge will not go any further than Google and Wikipedia. Knowledge about the Khmer rouge is one click away. With my laptop on my knees trying to learn myself the imported things about the world my teachers never taught me. Do I need this laptop on my exploration? Yes, I write some stories, store my photos, educate myself and most important it makes me feel home. How bad I don’t want it, I’m from the digital generation. It’s part of my life, like a pen and paper was back in the days when I was long from being born, when songs meant more than politicians words, when traveling meant ‘never coming back’ and writing was the magic of the ink finding its way becoming stories. No, this is not as romantic but it can be magic again.

–          My destination is the road.




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