#005 – Second chance for Thailand.

April 27, 2011

Conversations help figure it all out and give me more thoughts to think about. But sometimes I bleach my thoughts. I cannot help it, sometimes I just need to reset my brain. You know, like when your computer is a mess. You cannot find anything were it supposed to be? Just like that.

Like on this journey, I do and see so many things. I just can’t place them in the right order. Pieces of months ago fall in place, now. The things I loved seem to hide the most, just like the things which impressed me the most. But now the bad things start to fade away and only the things that matter are a bright light in my mind.

A second chance is the best way to give a country another try. Never going back is no option for no country. Things you don’t like are possibly always able to be turned in something positive. For example; Thailand. My first impression was horrible. A party place for young westerners who come to abuse a country so bad were only the people who live there treat it worse. I hated it.
Now I come to realize, on our second visit, that my thoughts and judges were false and selfish. How can I have such a strong opinion about a place I only spend two weeks, who am I to judge the people who try to make money in a country which is still poorer than most think.
Even Bangkok I started to like. I started to like it when it showed me its secrets. When we went up the Baiyoke tower it showed me remorse. It was like Bangkok looked me in my eyes and said ‘this is who I am’. I gaze back in deep dark alleys of his heart an told him that I understood him.

In the elevator down I decided to reset the Thailand part of my brain. I threw out the things I did not need and keep the beautiful memories. And from there on, start again from scratch.

– Everything deserves a second chance.


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