#008 Choices we make.

May 15, 2011

Once in a while my mind drifts away to the matter of: making choices, or most of the time, choices made for you. If I want to, I can have hours of discussion about this matter with my brother. But, usually I avoid them, cause he’s so fucking stubborn. Well, I guess I’m too. Now I’m traveling with him in my company this discussions can’t always be avoided.

We don’t always have a choice. Whether it’s a matter of life or death or just a choice made for you. Sometimes we make choices which affect other people’s lives. Like here in Nepal. On a trekking through the Himalayas we stayed at some villages to spend a night. The people who live there are fully selfeficend. They grow their own rice and vegetables. Everything they have is made by their own hands. Since we, western people, come to visit them, we bring our ‘problems’ with us. Because we would like to drink that beer and eat that candy bar, they end up having a big garbage problem. Nobody tells them what to do, they just toss it away. So, because we choose to want western products everywhere, we choose for others to polluted their environment.

In a country like the Netherlands, I got a great range of choices to make. Choices I’m happy to make. Do I walk, cycle or go by car to the store? What kind of food will I buy? Which program will I watch on the television tonight? A lot of questions with always an answer. I only never think of the people who only have so less choices to make. No questions at all, just choices to survive. Choices between live and death.

Again shame raised upon me and my brother still doesn’t get it. I’ll hope he’ll learn just as much of it, like I do. My life will never be the same.

–  I choose to choose wisely, from now on.



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