#009 Discover a secret.

May 15, 2011

This time I’m going to share a secret without revealing the actual secret. The four of us accidently got off the bus on the right time. The more than five hour during scary bus drive took us to a small villages near Kathmandu, high in the mountains. It may be one of the nicest places on earth. Not because it’s the most beautiful or anything, just because we discovered it.

After almost falling out of the local bus we watch it drive away. One restaurant on top of a mountain and for the rest; a road, some trees and clouds. The lovely Sherpa lady showed us our house about a few hundred meters up the road. A big house with large balconies. Everything was painted in light blue, but worn away by the weather. And the best of all it was quite and cool.

A nation bus strike forced us to stay there much longer than expected. Every day we woke up early, opened the doors and did nothing at all. We survived on cookies, red bull, chips and water. At night we could choose one thing at the only restaurant there; dhal bhaat. Rice, lentil soup and some vegetables. We ate like the locals with our hands and played cards afterwards with a nice cup of masala tea. For once we felt like we lived were we traveled, a home away from home.

Only after three nights the dhal bhaat started to work on our stomachs, the time of our visa is started to run out and the fun of being stuck somewhere nice was al of a sudden not so nice anymore. We needed to go. With a privet jeep we were brought to the heart of Nepal again for our last days of this wonderful country.

–  I like secrets to remain secrets.



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